Our Research Centers

INSEEC U. Research Center adopts a matrix-based approach to the research carried out within its five centres of excellence.

INSEEC U. brings together a faculty of 145 publishing researchers attached to the schools, conducting research together and entitled to teach at all INSEEC U. schools. This synergy fosters interdisciplinarity and an international culture, while offering students access to the best professors and research professors in their fields.

The Faculty is at the heart of INSEEC U’s academic development:

Through research, it guarantees the creation of knowledge;

– Through teaching, it enables the transmission of this knowledge to students;

– Through communication and consulting services, it ensures the dissemination of this knowledge throughout companies and socio-economic circles.

Contribution to the development of research

The main requirement for INSEEC U. professors and research professors is to contribute to the development of the research they conduct at their research centres. However, they also take on three other roles: educating (teaching, monitoring students’ projects, tutoring, etc.), representing the school in dealings with academic and professional organisations, and participating in the school’s activities and affairs. A detailed breakdown of their working time is documented in a contractual workload plan at the start of each academic year.

Respect for each school’s autonomy

In order to respect the autonomy of the schools and programmes vis-à-vis their own positioning and in line with the accreditation requirements, each “graded”/approved school can promote its own research centre, organised into themes that are consistent with the Strategic and Pedagogical Plan. The director of each research centre is a member of the INSEEC U. “Research Committee”, led by Isabelle Barth, INSEEC U. Research Director. Heads of Schools are involved in strategic decisions on the extended Research Committee to ensure the strategic alignment of their entities with the INSEEC U. development plan.