Enterprises and organisations – true natural partners

At INSEEC U. Research Center, we consider companies and all organizations as natural partners. Our challenge is to participate in their dialogue.

At INSEEC U. Research Center, we are committed to listening to their concerns so that we can identify their problems and transform them into our research questions.

Our aim is to assist companies and organisations with the analysis of the questions they are asking themselves, while striving to provide answers, because our project is to build actionable knowledge that is useful to society.

Corporate Chairs have been established to create the ideal conditions in which to develop these interactions between researchers and companies.

What is our conception of a Corporate Chair at INSEEC U. Research Center?

A Corporate Chair is both a “think tank” and a “club” whose members are keen to learn: from researchers and their research, from experts in the field, from their peers…

A Corporate Chair involves meetings, visits to companies, learning expeditions, workshops, conferences, white papers, studies, and more… anything that can help put collectively acquired knowledge into action.