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Creating knowledge through research

The purpose of research is to create knowledge. To this end, researchers gather and organise the existing knowledge in their fields of research. All of their relatively new knowledge needs to be shared in order to further common knowledge. Researchers therefore have a duty to “publish”, in scientific journals aimed at their “peers”.

We at INSEEC U. Research Center are convinced that we need to go beyond the boundaries of these worlds inhabited by insiders. It is a question of communicating with a broader public, which is defined according to specific themes, issues, times, etc.

Journalists have an important role to play in this dissemination process. That is why they are given extensive access to the activities carried out by INSEEC U. Research Center, with invitations to attend events and access this newsroom which provides press releases and links to videos, articles and blogs.

Media partnerships


    The French Foundation for Management Education (FNEGE – Fondation Nationale pour l’Enseignement de la Gestion des Entreprises) is a recognised charity (fondation reconnue comme établissement d’utilité publique), created by the public authorities by decree on 15 May 1968. FNEGE is primarily responsible for developing and promoting higher education in management in France and ensuring that it attains high levels of excellence.

    INSEEC U. has entered into a partnership with FNEGE that enables it to broadcast thematic videos on the FNEGE Medias platform, which aims to become the leading French-language site for certified videos on management research and teaching.

    Xerfi Canal

    INSEEC U. TV, launched in collaboration with Xerfi Canal, an audio-visual magazine covering the world of economics, strategy and management, produced by companies belonging to the Xerfi Group – the French leader in sectoral studies – lets our experts express their views on major economic and social issues.

    Day after day, this magazine provides completely independent analyses of the changes occurring worldwide and in companies. Xerfi Canal analyses economic policies in their French and international contexts, and the impact of new technologies and innovations on production systems, management and labour relations, while also considering their consequences for national and corporate strategies.

    The Conversation

    INSEEC U. researchers and professors are regularly featured in The Conversation, a collaborative news medium and non-profit association which aims to involve the academic world in civic debate.

    The association’s sole mission is to shed light on current affairs through reliable expertise based on research. This is a free news medium, recognised by the profession and containing no advertising.

    Isabelle Barth is Secretary General of The Conversation.

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