Damyana Bakardzhieva

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Statut(s) Professeur associé (associate professor)
École International University of Monaco
Date de recrutement 01.01.2003
Axe de recherche Inseec U Transitions sociétales et comportements émergents
Axe de recherche International University of Monaco Sustainable luxury hospitality
Portait de Damyana Bakardzhieva


    • Damyana Bakardzhieva
    • Article classé
    • Transitions sociétales et comportements émergents
    • 2019

    Effects of pro-growth policies on employment: evidence of regional disparities

    The main objective of our research is to study the direct impact of pro-growth economic policies on employment creation globally and regionally, as evidence has countered policy-makers’ expectation that output growth leads automatically to job creation. We innovate by using the ratio of employment to the population above 25 years as dependent variable instead of the customary employment elasticity. We apply generalized methods of moments’ econometrics on dynamic panel data models and find that growth stimulates employment creation on average across 76 countries. The policies promoting private sector credit, investments, openness, services, education spending, tertiary enrollment, and a fixed exchange rate are the ones that create employment. Larger government size undermines job creation, while policies promoting FDI and industrial development fail to stimulate employment. However, we establish that the effect of pro-growth policies on employment varies significantly across regions, with evidence of weaker links between economic policies and employment in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East.

    • Co-auteur(s) Kamar B., Goaied M.
    • Revue(s) Applied Economics, 51(40), 4337-4367
    • Classement(s) CNRS 2