Research Professors

Contributing to, and transmitting, knowledge

Professors and research professors traditionally have a dual mission: to create knowledge through their research, and to transmit it through their teaching. In addition to possessing the ability to address their peers through “academic journals”, the requirement to communicate equally well with broader audiences and readerships has also emerged in recent years.

This expectation is all the stronger in a world in which “fake news” is becoming increasingly prevalent and manipulative. The objectivity required by scientific research provides powerful protection against these excesses stemming from over-abundant and uncontrolled information. At INSEEC U. Research Center, we are particularly vigilant about maintaining this watchdog function and encourage our professors and research professors to participate in the major societal debates.

Working for the common good with diverse profiles

Teaching and research are deeply human professions to which many roads can lead, and diverse profiles are one INSEEC U. Research Center’s strengths.  Three pathways can be identified:

  • The traditional pathway via a doctorate or PhD,
  • The professional pathway taken by people who, after leading fulfilling professional lives, develop the desire to transmit their knowledge and further their studies via a DBA or PhD.
  • Finally, the entry pathway via education, taken by teachers (e.g. from the secondary sector) with the desire to formulate a research project.

At INSEEC U. Research Center, we also encourage professors and research professors to develop professionally throughout their careers by prioritising commitments to research, teaching or managerial responsibilities at different times, according to the available choices and opportunities. Because being a professor or research professor also means knowing how to play an active role in the development of one’s institution, in positions of an administrative nature. All these gateways are possible at INSEEC U.