International University of Monaco

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IUM offers programmes in the following fields, delivered in an intercultural environment: luxury sector, finance, marketing, management and sport.

The IUM project

The International University of Monaco produces and disseminates knowledge of management in high-value services, in close collaboration with academic environments and local and international enterprises. IUM’s strategy is to use research to improve management practices, particularly in the luxury, hospitality and finance sectors, by publishing applied and professional research, in close contact with the local and international business community, and by encouraging innovation, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable development.

« IUM stands for communicating highly relevant new knowledge for business leaders produced through rigorous academic Research »

Hans Muhlbacher and Mariateresa Torchia – IUM Research Directors

Areas of excellence

Research conducted at IUM is multidisciplinary. The Faculty has made contributions to the luxury, hospitality and financial services sectors, covering a wide range of disciplines.

    Financial services, corporate governance and risk management

    Research at IUM has multiple focuses: strategic alliances, international activities, innovation and financial performance, CSR and financial performance, managerial practices in financial services, the role of women in top management positions and their contribution to financial performance, the governance system of family companies compared to non-family companies, entrepreneurial finance, risk management, and capital structure.

    Sustainable luxury in hospitality

    Research carried out at IUM covers international hospitality, globalisation, the emergence of international hotels, resorts and restaurants, and their classifications and standards. Investment and financing trends in international hospitality projects are also researched.

    Innovative luxury experience and emerging patterns of consumption

    Research at IUM covers topics such as the customer experience in the finance and luxury sectors, the financial performance of European luxury firms, ethics and virtuous approaches in the luxury sector, differences between luxury and non-luxury fashion retailers, human capital and luxury values, shopping experiences in directly operated luxury brand stores, brand communication strategy and biodigital characters.

Scientific committee

  • President – Pr. Michel Pham – Professor at Graduate School of Business, Columbia University, USA

  • Pr. Pierre André Chiappori – President of the IAB, Professor of Economics at Columbia University

  • Pr. Virginie Debarnier – Dean of IAE d’Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management, Professor of Marketing, IAE Aix-Marseille

  • Pr. David Dubois – Professor of Marketing INSEAD, France

  • Pr. Pierre Louis-Dubois – President of the Scientific Advisory Board at INSEEC U. Former General Delegate at «FNEGE»

  • Pr. Frédéric Jenny – Professor of Economics at ESSEC Business School in Paris, Judge at the Supreme Court of France

  • Pr. Jean-Noël Kapferer – Professor at INSEEC U, internationally recognized for his research on brands and brand management

  • Pr. Jean Michel Lasry – Financial Mathematics Specialist and Scientific Director Data Lab, Institut Louis Bachelier, Université Paris Sciences et Lettres.

  • Catherine Lespine – President of INSEEC U.

  • Pr. Didier Linotte – President of the Supreme Court of Monaco

  • Pr. Martin Messner – Professor of Management Control, Universität Innsbruck, Austria

  • Pr. Kristina Orfali – Professor of bioethics at Columbia University and faculty associate at the Center for Bioethics and the Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP)

  • Jacques Perrin – Former Dean of ESCP Europe Business School, France and Former Dean at Ceram Business School

  • Bernard Ramanant – Former Dean of HEC Business School, Paris, France

  • Pr. Jorge Ramirez-Vallejo – Professor of Strategy, Harvard Business School, USA

  • Pr. Örjan Sölvell – Director of the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

  • Pr. Pierre Valette-Florence – Professor of Marketing, Grenoble University, France

Associate members